Store Policies


To Order: Contact us by phone at (785) 235-1181, by email at [email protected], or order directly from this website.


Terms: Major credit cards and PayPal accepted via this website. Other payment options available by phone or mail. 30 day term offered to institutions, for all others payment is expected with order. A 20% discount is offered to the trade (contact us by phone or email for discounted ordering).


Returns: All books we sell hold a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We check edition points and scrutinize signatures when cataloging our books. If any claim we make about edition, signature, or a similar characteristic is ever shown to be mistaken we will refund 100% of your money including all shipping costs. We also guarantee the condition as described in our online and print catalogs. If you are at all dissatisfied with your online or catalog purchase please contact us within one week of arrival for a full refund of the purchase price. Shipping will generally not be refunded on properly described books. Please remember when ordering that general wear and minor flaws may not be noted on books in less than Very Good condition. Sorry, we do not accept returns on any merchandise purchased in store or at book fairs.


Shipping: We carefully package and ship every book priced $20 and up in a box with a tracking number. Books priced below $20 will be carefully packaged and shipped using a bubble mailer. If you are ordering a book priced under $20 and would prefer us to ship it in a box just let us know and we will gladly do so for $2.00 more. We guarantee the arrival of all shipments and ensure against their loss or damage, if your order arrives damaged or does not arrive contact us ASAP so that we can help! We ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS) exclusively. Most books ship media mail for $4 or priority mail for $9 with larger and heavier books costing more to ship. International shipping rate quoted is only an estimate and may actually be more (or less). If we must charge more for shipping we will contact you for approval before billing and processing your order.


Book Condition: We adhere to the standard grading scale used by most booksellers and collectors:

  • Fine- A book without visible flaws.
  • Near Fine- A book that may have one or two minor flaws or may just lack the "crisp" look and feel of a book in Fine condition. Any flaws will be noted in our description.
  • Very Good- A book that has possibly been read carefully and now shows some light wear. May have a few minor flaws or one bigger flaw. Any flaws will be noted in our description. This is the lowest grade acceptable for most collectors.
  • Good- A book that has been properly cared for and stored but is worn or shows its age and/or use. Most used books fall into this category and will have several minor flaws and/or perhaps two or three more serious flaws. Books in this grade will be complete (unless otherwise noted) and readable but will most likely not meet the standards of serious collectors. It is understood that books graded good or below will have wear and soiling and this fact may not be mentioned in our description, all major flaws and any damage will be described.
  • Fair- A book in this grade will have damage or a massive amount of wear that make it undesirable to collectors and possibly inconvenient for others to read. It could be missing pages or even one of its covers. All flaws will be described but general wear will not be as a book in this grade will almost always be heavily worn.
  • Poor- A book in poor condition is damaged (possibly beyond repair), missing pages, missing covers, and/or worn so badly that it is no longer readable. We try to note all flaws on books in poor condition but often end up simply describing what is NOT flawed on books this badly worn. Generally, we would only sell a book in poor condition if it is rare and still collectible in this condition or would be collectible with repairs.


When discussing condition it is important to mention ex-library books. We will always note library markings in a book and almost never grade them above good. This is not to say they are heavily worn in all cases, sometimes they have never been checked out and are in like new condition except for the library markings, please read the description for more details on ex-library book condition.


Many of our listings will have a (+) or (-) following the condition description. This simply means that the book's condition is slightly better than or worse than the average condition of the average book in that grade (e.g. a book graded Very Good Plus (VG+) would be in slightly better condition that a book graded Very Good (VG) but does not quite meet the criteria for a Near Fine (NF) grade).


Also, we put dust jacket protectors on books priced $20 and higher that have dust jackets. Upon request we will ensure dust jacket protectors are put on all books with jackets in your order. We charge a $3/book fee for this service on books priced below $20 as well as titles listed as "new".


Lastly, we are an open shop and customers handle our inventory every day. Sometimes they do so improperly and a book gains a few new flaws. We try to keep the condition of our listings up-to-date but sometimes miss damage done to our inventory until it is ordered online. In this rare case we will contact you before shipping your order with an updated condition description and updated price. If this happens you are under no obligation to still buy the book, we just don't want your unboxing ceremony to be ruined by something that is beyond your (or our) control.


Appraisals: We offer appraisal services on antiquarian and collectible books and paper. We charge $75/hour billed in 30 minute increments and work at a focused but brisk pace (most appraisals are done outside of business hours when we can center our attention on your collection). We do not bill per book because common titles require just a few minutes of research while rare (and valuable) titles can take much much longer to properly research. For an appraisal you will be required to bring, leave, and pick up your books as we do not do appraisals outside of our store or under your supervision, if you do not trust us with your collection you should not trust us to appraise it. Pick-up and return can be arranged for an additional fee. We will provide a spreadsheet listing your books and our opinion of your books' condition along with their value (either for resale or your insurance) in that condition. We can also provide condition descriptions of your books (like those found in dealer catalogs) if desired. Please keep in mind, we will not buy or consign items that we have appraised. 

We are often asked if signature authentication is part of our appraisal process: Unless a signature is of an author with whom we are familiar, we will do quick research on it and supply our opinion of it's authenticity for appraisal value but we do not provide a guarantee that any signature is genuine. Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) are not the same thing as or part of anappraisal, however, if you are interested in such services we are glad to suggest appropriate companies for items we have appraised. 


Consignment: Oddfellow's does occasionally sell books on consignment. Our consignments are by contract and for a period of at least one year. We do not consign books with a selling price below $250. We suggest a selling price, however, we will offer your book to our customers at any realistic price you request. Please keep in mind, we are consigning your book by our choice and are under no obligation to do so. Our commission is set by final sale price. Please ask for more details.


We are always in search of high quality, local photography, art and craft that is created from or in veneration of books. We ask that photography and art be related to our specializations in antiquarian (old and attractive) books, Kansas (esp. Topeka) History, Baseball, or Classic Fiction. If this sounds like your work please contact us to consign your art in our store!


Special Order Policy: Effective Sept. 2016 Oddfellow's no longer offers special order services. We apologize for any inconveniences. 


Donations: We try to give back to our community as much as possible and as such donate merchandise and gift certificates to several local charities and events. We prepare our annual budget in October. All requests for donations made after October 31st will only be considered for the following year, we apologize for any inconvenience. 


We are often asked if we accept book donations. The answer to this is a big ole' maybe. We always appreciate your generosity but have limited space to store books. Generally, if we are not willing to pay you for your books we would not be interested in "Taking them off your hands." We simply cannot find space for all of the books that people offer to donate to us and often times have trouble giving these books away as well. If, on the other hand, you are willing to donate quality books that we have (or will) offer to pay you for then we will be grateful for your generosity and gladly provide a donation receipt for your taxes.