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Oddfellow’s Books is currently buying:

·      Antiquarian and Collectible Books:

o  We primarily buy and sell books as collectibles and as such are interested in purchasing books over 100 years old, bound in leather, slip-cased, or otherwise uncommon.

o  We buy very few paperbacks; we prefer hardcover books with dust jackets in Very Good or better condition. If you are unsure about your books’ condition, please visit the Store Policies tab of our site and scroll to the Book Condition section to read a little about determining a book's condition. If a book is not in very good or better condition, very old, or very rare it is unlikely we will make you any offer on it.

o  Regardless of condition, we will buy most complete books printed before 1880.

o  Some more specific examples of the kinds of books we look for include:

      • First edition books by authors like Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Earnest Hemingway and other “Classic” authors as well as non-fiction published before 1920.
      • Children's and young adult books in very good condition from before 1940.
      • Leather Bound Books, Books in Slipcases, Unusual Looking Books, Vanity/Private Press Editions, Complete Sets (except encyclopedias), and other "attractive" or "unusual" books. Any age in very good or better condition.
      • Kansas atlases from before 1930 and other Atlases from before 1880. In any condition, including damaged.
      • Signed Books of any age in very good or better condition.
      • Any book, speech, or other published document in manuscript (typed or hand written original).


·      Reading Copy (Common) Books:

    • We buy common, recently printed, and even some paperback books written on History, Historic Biography, Kansas & The Great Plains, Baseball, Americana, U.S. Presidents and Militaria.
    • We are only interested in buying reading copy books written on our areas of specialty that are in very good or better condition. These are the only categories where we buy recently published titles and buy based on content rather than collectability.  Keep in mind, condition still greatly effects the value and we do not ever buy damaged or heavily worn reading copies.


·       Paper Collectibles (Ephemera):

    • Letters, Diaries, and Journals.
      • Penned by interesting persons in interesting times (e.g. Someone famous or their assistant, a Topekan circa 1860, a former politician, a dust bowl farmer, a lover's war correspondence, an 1800’s travel log, etc.)
      • Groups, organizations, or municipality ledgers and records from before 1920 (or slightly newer if attractivly bound).
    • Local/Popular Print Advertising
      • Collections and accumulations of full-color magazine ads, posters, flyers, brochures, mailers, etc. from before 1990, or from before 1960 for individual pieces. Prefer national brands, popular now defunct brands, and Topeka area advertising.
    • Magazines, Catalogs, Pulps and Comic Books
      • Magazines must be uncommon titles in better condition from before 1970 or from before 1940 and in like new condition for very popular titles (like National Geographic, Life, Time, etc.)
      • Catalogs (like Sears, Wards, or the local hardware store) must be in good or better condition and from before 1940.
      • Pulp magazines, digests, and paperbacks must be complete and in good or better condition from the 1940s and before or in very good or better condition from 1950 to 1970. We are generally not interested in fiction magazines published after 1970 though we would be happy to look at collections in like new condition.
      • We are mainly interested in super hero, horror, and sci-fi comics from before 1980 that are in collector's grade though we will buy older comics (60’s and before) in lower grades and from any genera at appropriate prices.
    • Maps and Prints.
      • Folding, branded “gas station” maps from before 1970.
      • All other folding maps from before 1940.
      • Individual wall, school, and atlas maps from before 1880 or from before 1940 for Eastern Kansas maps.
      • Hand signed/numbered prints of any age.
      • Collections of prints from before 1940 (lithographs, block prints, collage books, etc.)
    • Post Cards
      • Depicting Topeka and the surrounding area.
      • Halloween and other secular holidays.
      • Real Photo (mostly from before 1920).
      • Whole collections and albums mostly postmarked/printed before 1920.
    • Posters
      • War Bond or related propaganda posters.
      • Travel/National Park posters and ads from before 1960.
      • Film posters (from the theater) and lobby cards mostly from before 1990.
      • Concert, theater, and event posters and tickets from before 1990.
      • Political posters from before 1970 for most local offices or any (except current) for Presidential campaigns.
    • Photographs
      • Period sepia tone, cabinet card, tin type, or glass plate photographs of any subject.
      • Identified photographs and/or negatives of architecture, events, wars, or disasters from before 1960. (Plus Vietnam, Iraq, or other U.S. combat deployment and Presidential campaign photo collections)
    • Unique, rare, old, and odd ephemera and paper goods. Go ahead… surprise us!


We do NOT buy antique objects, furniture (other than the occasional bookcase), figurines, toys, memorabilia, coins, signed things (other than books), dolls, glass, china, jewelry, etc.


We WILL NOT make any purchase without copying your valid ID.


Not really sure what you have? No Worries! Just bring some or all (whatever you want to hall) to our store located at 117 SW 6th Ave in Downtown Topeka, KS any Saturday between 10am and 3pm and we will take a look and make you an offer on anything we are interested in. 

Ready to pass-on your book collection? We are actively seeking and buying for top dollar small to large libraries of COLLECTED books. (By collected we mean mostly books that are first edition, signed, leather bound, antiquarian, or in some other way uncommon AND are mostly in very good or better condition.) When buying in this manner, we will come to your location to make you an offer. If you choose to accept we will schedule a date to pack and remove all books and paper you wish to sell (including common titles) leaving you no work, no mess, and more money than an estate sale or auction would net.

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