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15 Signs You're Married to a Bookman

We all have something we are passionate about.  Iím pretty obsessed with online marketing.  My husband, Brandon, is passionate about books.  He lives the life of a true bookman, so much so that we now own a book shop.  Do you live with a bookman (or bookwoman) in your home? Here is a list of 15 things that might warn you that your significant other is obsessed with books.    

To Clean or Not To Clean: A Diatribe by Brandon Rison

Sometimes the biggest mistake made by new coin collectors is cleaning their coins.  

5 Great Books from the Middle East

These days when we hear about the Middle East it is always bad news. I am not going to mention terrorism, Islam, women's rights, genocide or any of the other hot topics. Instead, I simply wish to list off a few great book's about the region has produced or inspired that might help us shed some of that negativity towards a beautiful and unique part of the world.


Ernest Hemingway has been one of our favorite authors for a long time, here are a few reasons why.

Error Coins, the Funky Side of Numismatics

Double date? Clipped planchet? Die crack?  What are these crazy things?

Oops! Looked Straight to Me! (The story of Topeka's streets)

Topeka has a very unique layout, here is the story of how we ended up a little crooked.  

What the "Eph" is Ephemera?

One question we are asked on a regular basis is "What is ephemera?", so here is a quick breakdown of what exactly is ephemera.

The Goat Doctor

This is the story of one Topeka's most interesting and somewhat strange residents, Dr. John R. Brinkley. 

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